Sunday, 8 July 2012

My everyday makeup.

This is my first blog post so I thought I would start with something basic. So, here you go, these are the things I use every day, without fail, when doing my makeup. Obviously I use many more eye products if i'm actually going somewhere other than just the shops but these create my base no matter what look i'm going for. Hope you enjoy.

Bourjois healthy mix serum/ Bourjois healthy mix concealer/ Natural Collection loose powder/ Natural Collection blush/ L'oreal Paris Studio Secrets anti-shine matifying primer/ Benefit bad gal lash/ Max Factor false lash effect mascara/ elf cream eyeliner

The tools I use every day aren't anything special and include a large powder brush (unbranded), a Primark blush brush, a No 7 Eyebrow pencil in blonde (I only use the brush end), an angled eyeliner brush (unbranded), an eye shadow brush that I again use for eyeliner (unbranded) and finally an eyelash curler from either sainsburry or Asda.


I have very oily skin so a primer of some sort is a must. I have a love/hate relationship with the L'oreal anti-shine matifying primer.. some days it actually works... some days it just does nothing. On the other hand, I absolutely LOVE the Bourjois healthy mix serum.. I know you are probably thinking, "she has oily skin but likes the serum? What is this craziness?" but, yes, I really do! In my opinion a drier foundation that is supposed to be matte will fade or even just completely come off in the oily patches of my face, whereas the serum just stays all day and can be 'mattifyed' by applying powder over top, my choice of powder is always the Natural Collection loose powder because it costs £1.99 (yes really..) and lasts ages. The concealer is completely amazing, I have problem skin (nice way of saying I have spots, and lots of them) and dark circles under my eyes and this just covers everything without looking at all 'cakey'.


Peach Melba from the Blushed Cheeks line by Natural Collection has been my favourite blush for a couple of years now. I started using Natural Collection in my early teens because when your only income is pocket money the "Everything under £2" written in big writing above the makeup is very appealing. The blushes are so soft and I would go as far as to say I prefer them to any other brand I own. In fact, I love this shade so much that I always have a back-up ready for when i'm done.


The elf cream eyeliners are only £3.50 from the Studio collection, so, in comparison to the majority of highstreet brands, the are definitely a cheap option. Elf is an especially good brand for someone who might want to try out a new product without splashing out. I use an angled brush to apply it and always create a flick at the edge. I use two mascaras (one is just never enough..) and recently I got the BADgal lash mascara by Benefit in Glamour magazine (not a bad freebie if you ask me) and I really like it.. unfortunately it doesn't beat my absolute favourite, Max factor's false lash effect mascara.. I apply the BADgal mascara after curling my eyelashes and after letting it dry I then apply the False lash effect mascara over the top, which actually does create lashes comparable to falsies (even I didn't believe it until I tried it). 

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