Friday, 17 August 2012

Holiday Haul..

This is a pretty tiny haul..


1. Leggings; Zara 9.99 2. Shorts ; Pull and Bear 5.99 3. Dress ; Zara 9.99 4. Dress ; Zara 9.99 5. T-shirt ; Zara 5.99

All these items were in the sale (yay!) and all prices are in Euros, so coming from Northern Ireland (where we use Sterling) this means they are even cheaper (yay again!)


1. Triple action cleansing water 7.95 2. Nail polish ; 76 I love matte Khaki 2.00 (in sale) 3. Strawberry creamy body wash 2.90 4. Strawberry Eau de toilette 4.90 

As you can see, I didn't exactly go crazy in Sephora. Tbh I didn't actually know there was one in Seville (where I was last week), so hadn't planned nice things to buy.. I only bought a few own-brand bits and bobs to try them out (I will do reviews on them when I get a chance to use them when I get home). 

The women in Sephora tend to follow you around and stare at you as if you might steal something (doesn't really entice you to part with your money if you ask me)... One girl, however, was so lovely and helpful when my sister was looking at buying the Makeup Forever HD Powder and the YSL Touch Eclat, she actually guided her towards cheaper options (usually they try to prompt you to spend more money, not less..)

So, yeah, this is all I bought on holiday (well.. and some earrings from accessorize because I lost mine) and even though I am still on holiday until Tuesday, I am not planning on buying anything else (partly because I am in the middle of nowhere now and party because I don't have a huge amount of money left)



  1. The dresses you got are gorgeous! I am loving Zara at the moment :) xo

  2. Awh thank you! I know, Zara has some lovely things, and I always think their sale is great xo


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