Monday, 15 October 2012

Jewellery Haul

You can see all the prices and where they were from so no need to explain, but they are all very exciting :)
I wasn't intending on buying anything when I went into Topshop.. but who could resist those beauties at such lovely prices? The Primark pair were just something I picked up a few weeks ago because they were cheap and pretty :)

Sorry for being such a bad blogger, but I have been busy and haven't had a brilliant week so haven't had time or energy to actually blog :(

Hopefully I will have a few posts up this week :)
I do, however, now have two jobs.. so my free time is limited.. but hopefully I will save up lots of money to do lovely things that I can blog about.. :)



  1. Those anchors are cuteeee!!!xx

  2. pretty purchases : ) I have those anchor earrings & love them! x


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