Friday, 16 November 2012

Collective Haul..

All I seem to be posting these days is hauls... this will be the last for a while (apart from the other birthday things, I am so disorganised.. it was a month ago!!). 

Dress - Pennies (Primark) 5 Euros

Jumper - Primark Men's section £10

Jumper - Primark Men's Section £10

Shoes - Primark £10

Boots - New Look Kid's section £22.99

Socks - Primark £2.50

Blouse - Zara £25.99

Hair Wand - Boots £19.99

Globe - TKMaxx 10 Euros

Dior Addict Lipstick - TKMaxx 12 Euros

Hat - H&M £7.99

Fur Collar - H&M £7.99

Dress - Pennies (Primark) 15 Euros

I know I really shouldn't keep buying things. It is a problem... 
Well, it is okay because I work over 40 hours a week, so I think I deserve the odd thing, and these have been collected up over the last month or so, so really, it isn't thaaaaat bad.

The Men's jumpers were literally the best thing I have ever bought, I have worn them as much as I possibly can, alternating between them so as to not look like I don't wash (I do..). They are amazing. 

The boots have been great too, and will see me through the winter months with some woolly socks :)

Apart from my purchases my life has not been over exciting.. I have been working, working and ehh... working. But, all this working means eventually I will have lots of money and when I have time to actually spend it I will have a ball. Until then, I shall remain happy in the fact that I enjoy my work.



  1. I want that burgundy jumper! Soo nice xx

    1. I love it, I have barely taken it off!

  2. Those boots... I love them so much it is actually hurting.
    I bought men jumpers in tescos last week because they had a really christmassy print on and I just thought it could be my special winter christmas jumper and it was only £14 pounds anyway! Plus it is COSY! That dress from primark is so nice aswell, I never ever find anything in primark despite everyone else in the whole world seems to come out with bag fulls:(

    1. The boots are my new favourite things!
      Oh wow, I will have to check out tescos for some men's jumpers. For some reason this year men's jumpers are nicer than ladie's.
      You just need to really rummage in Primark and you will find things, I don't think I ever leave Primark without a bag of things!

  3. love the two jumpers! they look so comfy!
    lovely blog :)

    1. They are amazing!
      I actually went back and bought two more! :)
      Thank you :)

  4. What cute dresses! I always justify my shopping addiction by browsing the Goodwill dollar rack. Because then I can say, "Well, it's ONLY a dollar..."


  5. Great post :)

    love char_beyy xx


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