Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Life Roundup

Okay, so I said I'd get a post up on Sunday but I didn't.. Better late than never, no?

So, here I am, it's 2013, a lot has changed and a lot is still the same. Here are some pictures of some things I've done over the past month..

First of all, I went to a formal. I didn't enjoy my school's formal very much when I went to school but my best friend invited me along as her date and so I went along with an open mind. It was strange going to a formal where I didn't know anyone because all the awards and speeches made no sense to me but were obviously hilarious judging by all the laughing and giggling. The food was okay and the drink was expensive but we had champagne and wine in our friend's house before and her house is gorgeous. My opinion of formals hasn't changed hugely but I enjoyed it more than the first one.

Then it was Christmas (yes there are skulls on our tree, who wouldn't want skulls on the Christmas tree?).. My Christmas this year was a quiet one, which is the best kind. 
We have so many little traditions at Christmas, but my favourite is getting together with our neighbours to eat homemade bagels, play monopoly and watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas (the cartoon version of course..). It may sound silly to other people, but it is such a lovely evening of getting excited about Christmas and drinking lots of Shloer. I got some lovely, very thoughtful gifts and it was just such a nice day with too much food and staying up too late then sitting in my jammies all of boxing day with my sisters, painting our nails and playing the Playstation.

Then it was New Years.. I haven't seen my best friend enough, until New Years Eve I hadn't seen her in a month (since the formal to be precise).. We went to a house party, which isn't really the sort of thing I normally enjoy (to be honest I would rather sit in my jammies drinking tea than actually go out most nights.. I sometimes wonder if I'm actually 90 not 19) but I gave it a go and had a really good night! We wore fur coats and red lipstick, drank wine, made new friends, walked miles in the early hours of the morning in new shoes and stayed up all night, what could be better.

That is just a quick summary of my life up until the beginning of 2013.


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