Thursday, 28 March 2013

I'm dressed like a curtain.

Dress - Primark
Shirt - Vintage
Brogues - Clarks
Head Scarf - Vintage
Broach - Vintage
Pearls - Vintage
Ring - Vintage

I like looking like a curtain, if you have a problem with that you will just have to deal with it because I am not even sorry...

I got this dress when I was down in Dublin from Pennys (Primark) and I genuinely love it. I am not convinced anyone else likes it because the general reaction has been "It's very you..." or "Yeah.. it is very curtainy..." but I don't mind. 

I have not been very well this week so this is the first time I got dressed, and I'm not going to lie, I am back in my jammies again while writing this.. (again, I'm not sorry..).

Hope you are all having a lovely Easter break.



  1. eee love this outtiftt so vintagy and cute!!
    such a cutte post! :) and a lovely blog
    pretty please check out my blog XXXXX

  2. Your outfits are always so gorgeous!
    I love the tapestry and the shirt with the broach! :)


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