Tuesday, 30 April 2013

My skirt was above my knee and I felt wild.

Dress - Topshop
Coat - Zara
Tights - Tesco
Shoes - Clarkes
Bag - Primark

excuse the chipped nails..

Hairband - Topshop
Monkey ring (middle finger) - Topshop
Above knuckle ring - Kukee

I haven't been very well, again... (am I ever well?)
I ventured out of the house on Sunday and headed into town (I lasted about an hour before turning round and heading straight back home again, but we'll just pretend that didn't really happen). I didn't really buy much but got a couple of bits and pieces from boots and a dress from the topshop sale (actually this one in navy).

Hopefully I will be back to myself (and by that I mean not quite as sick as now.. haha) soon and will be able to spend a bit more time blogging. Actually, on that note, I will be able to blog much more in the summer which will be nice because I really haven't been able to dedicate a decent amount of time to it in a long while.


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