Wednesday, 8 May 2013

If only the warm weather would stay..

Dress - River Island 
Denim Jacket - Pennys (Primark)
Shoes - New Look

The weather was just beautiful on Tuesday. I was working all day until I got home at 6 but after that I made the most of the nice evening and threw on this old dress with a jacket and got my legs out (a first of 2013) and went for a lovely walk. I wish the weather would stay like this because it really is glorious, but it is Northern Ireland and the nice weather never lasts more than a few days before going back to bleak and miserable.. But one can hope.

I can't wait to wear my summer dresses again when it does finally get into to warmer weather (if this happens) because Tuesday's sneak peek at the warmth just made me want to hoke them all out of my wardrobe and wear them bare-legged with pumps and sandals. 



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