Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Lack of blogging, YouTube and a total Re-Vamp.

I will not really be blogging much over the next month (not that I have over the past one either.. sorry) but this is because I will be sorting out my blog and making it nice (for lack of a better way of putting it). I will continue to post outfits when I get the chance but once we hit July (when I finish work in the primary school for the summer) I shall be on top form to post regularly and maybe get the odd series up and running (thinking back to my Thursday's Thrifty Tip series a long while ago which I will get going again).

Please do feel free to head on over to my instagram (myfriendirma) where I do post regularly (I promise).

Sorry that this has been rambly but hopefully it will mean that my posts become more regular and there are some things other than just my outfits popping up. It will also mean that my blog is much more focused on things I am interested in like thrifting and vintage, etc, because as you may have noticed I am a keen lover of a good charity shop or ebay bargain.

When I hit 100 subscribers I will do a give away which will be fun, so hopefully that happens soon because I have never done one before.

Oh, and I am thinking of venturing into the vast world of YouTube... 


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