Wednesday, 12 June 2013

You would think I didn't own anything not from Primark..

Shirt - Primark
Trousers - Primark 
Denim Jacket - Primark
Shoes - New Look
Head Scarf - Vintage

Somehow I have managed to put together an  outfit made up of almost entirely (minus the accessories) of Primark items.. If I am honest a lot of my non-vintage wardrobe comes from Primark, I am not one for spending lots on clothes as I am sure you can see.. 

This was just a day of not doing a lot other than taking a walk with my friend in the sun.

Do check out my instagram though because I do post pictures most days over on that :)



  1. I love the top, however I would have wanted to see more pictures :) xo

    Much love,

    1. I normally take more photos than just one but for some reason I only have this one of this outfit! xo

  2. Ohh this outfit is lovely! I never really shop in Primark (mainly because the one near me is just so messy and awful!) but that blouse is so cute!

    1. Primark is great if you can be bothered to rummage! :)

  3. tyghujlkhgyftvygbiuhilj; YOU WOULD LOOK AMAZING IN A BAG! It is totally unfair and I am jealous and can I just be you already please?!
    But really, you look gorgeous :)
    Hope you're well lovely!
    Laura xxx


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