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Budget Beauty Review: miss beauty London

This is the first in my new series of budget beauty. I will be reviewing the same 5 products (foundation, concealer, powder, blusher and mascara) from various budget beauty ranges. The aim is to then compare them all and decide on the best (and worst!). I chose these 5 products to give an overview of a basic face of make up (your 5 essentials when starting off).

Today's brand is 'miss beauty London', the new make-up range from Poundworld. It was launched in June 2015 to rival Poundland's make-up range that was released in October 2014. They say it gives a women a 'stylish London look for less' which is clearly mirroring the catchphrase of the popular brand Rimmel, something that has been noted in various press releases. It is also evident in the packaging which you can see below. 

Every item in their 100 piece collection is made in the UK and come in a variety of shades. 'miss beauty London' say their range 'makes every pavement a catwalk'. The range is available in Poundworld but is also available in some other bargain stores like Bargain Buys (where I actually found the products I bought) and online. 

They say that it is a range for 'real women with real budgets' with the average woman carrying around £280 worth of make-up in their bags.

Foundation : Shade 1 Translucent Flawlessly Matte Foundation

What they say: A smooth matte foundation to give a natural blemish free complextion.

What I say: This is the first budget foundation I have found that has been really pale! Usually they are very orange, which for us pale girls isn't a good look... I am not sure the shade range is great for darker skin tones but it definitely suits very pale girls. It applied very thin and was quite difficult to build the coverage because it rubbed off what was already there. Once it was applied it looked nice and quite natural.

By the end of the day it was patchy and completely gone in the oiliest parts of my face, especially the T-zone.

Concealer : No.1 Light 3 in 1 concealer

What they say: Lightweight and long-wearing creamy concealer with Vitamin E.

What I say: It was very thin when applied but very brightening, which was good for under the eyes but not great for spots (you don't want those highlighted!).

By the end of the day the concealer in the most part had stayed put but frequently creased under my eyes.

Powder : No.2 Sweet touch

What they say: Smooth, fine pressed powder with a silk finish blended with Vitamin E and sunscreen for ultimate shine control.

What I say: The powder was okay, like any cheap powder. 

By the end of the day any signs of powder were gone and it definitely didn't have any shine control as claimed.

Blusher : No.1 Cupcake

What they say: Silky soft powder blush with Vitamin E. highlights the cheekbones & gives the face a radiant look.

What I say: It was very pale but buildable. More of a highlighter than a blush, but nice nonetheless. 

By the end of the day the blush was still visible but I would definitely use it as a highlight rather than a blush in the future.

Mascara : No.1 Black Volumising mascara

What they say: Volumising effect extends and thickens lashes for a long lash look.

What I say: A very natural looking mascara, certainly not volumising! It is the sort of mascara that would be fine as a basic every day mascara.

At the end of the day the mascara was still holding up. 

Bare faced. No make-up, just moisturiser.

Full face applied.

After 6 hours. Not a pick of foundation left, very shiny and a little cakey around my cheeks.

Overall impression: I would say that 'miss beauty London' would be perfect for pre-teens just getting into makeup because it is so affordable (with everything in the range £1)but isn't for anyone with much make-up experience. Of all the products I will still probably use the blusher as a highlighter and the mascara as an emergency handbag mascara. If you were going to a festival it would be great make-up to take with you rather than your expensive brands because after a few hours you aren't going to be too concerned what your make-up looks like anyway!

Have any of you tried this range? What have you thought?

Irma xo


  1. I've not tried this budget brand, but i've used the pound land one's and really loved them for the price. I can't wait to see what you think about it! I worry sometimes about using foundations and concealers and tend to just go for blushers etc xx

    1. I am excited to try the poundland make-up, that is what I have for this Sunday's post :)
      Irma xo

  2. I've never tried Miss Beauty before as their products have never appealed to me but they look great on you. I love the mascara.

    1. They looked great when first applied but didn't stay put for long!
      Irma xo

  3. Sounds like a make up for my niece, something that will give her the look she wants but doesn't look caked on

    1. Yes I think it is perfect for anyone younger :)
      Irma xo

  4. I like the idea of this foundation. I struggle to find a real pale shade too

    1. It was a great colour, just didn't have amazing staying power.
      Irma xo

  5. Hi there !
    I live in France and I've discovered the brand Miss Beauty London only in August when I was going for the first time to a Poundworld store in London and oh man, I'm so mad I didn't get more of their lippies !

    I have five of these, Russet, Majesty, Latte, Mauve and Heather - they're all semi-matte and have this great staying power, almost like they're printed on your lips ! Those are the only ones I got because they were rather nude or dark, the colors that I like the best - you should TOTALLY, totally check'em out !
    I can't wait till I go back to London to get more - or find someone who'll send them to me hehe !

    I tried out two or three of their nail polishes in the store and I wasn't impressed but omhhh, these lipsticks... are one of the best I've ever tried - and I've tried many ! :D

    Tissam (from :D


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