Saturday, 11 July 2015

I have.

So, basically all of my childhood and teenage friends have now graduated from university this year. Some still have a few years to go but in general they have all now finished and are ready to join the "grown-up" world of jobs, mortgages and families. 

I skipped those years in university and went straight to the jobs, mortgages and families part (albeit an animal rather than human family) and recently I have been questioning whether maybe going to university would have been a better decision...

They have been to university. I haven't

I know that this questioning has come from the realisation that now all of my friends are much more highly qualified than me in an educational sense and I almost feel a bit left behind. They will now be able to become doctors, nurses, writers, teachers ... the list goes on. 

Mind you, I haven't sat on my bum for these three years: 
  • I have been to college to get a qualification in supporting children in schools
  • I have worked the whole time in a few different primary schools (the most recent for two and a half of those three years) with children with special educational needs
  • I have volunteered for a charity that led me to supporting a family with incredible quadruplets
  • I have worked for a big supermarket and have also worked in a post office
  • I have seen a lot of Europe
  • I have made friends that will hopefully be for life
  • I have two cats
  • I have a puppy
  • I did have two dwarf hampsters (who are sadly no longer with us, RIP Little My and Mymble)
  • I have bought a house that I am now in the process of renovating
  • I have been to Paris and while there I got engaged
  • I have been planning my wedding 
  • I have met a wonderful set of people who I will be able to call my in-laws very soon.

If those things aren't valuable then I don't know what is.

In reality I know I made the decision not to go for many reasons and have since then questioned it a few times but ultimately decided that really it isn't for me. I went through the whole process of applying and interviewing for university a year after all of my classmates and at the very last minute hit 'decline' on my place in Strandmillis (a teacher training college here in Belfast). People told me I was mad, and maybe I was, but strangely I don't regret my decision.

I honestly just don't think that university is for me right now. Maybe in the future I will decide to give it a go but it is such a huge decision to make and I am just not ready for it now. 

Besides, I haven't even got a clue what I want to do with my life!

Irma xo


  1. Great post. Uni is not the only option in order to have a full and successful life. I'm personally at uni and mostly really enjoy it, but there have been times I've considered quitting. It feels so liberating when you realise you're in control of your own future and don't have to do the same thing as everyone else. Love your photos as well.

    Amani x

    1. Thank you :) I hope you continue to enjoy uni and go on to do whatever it is you want to do :) Not everyone has to go down the same route to enjoy life! :)
      Irma xo

  2. I originally came here from the UK Bloggers comment swap but I am so so so glad I did!
    This is a really fantastic post! I have just graduated from university myself and truly honestly really think it was a waste of my four years and an awful lot of money. Albeit I wouldn't have met the people i've met or gotten the job I do now which I love so much without uni, however neither of these things are related in any way to the course I completed. You have accomplished more in these three years than I have at uni, and although there isn't really a comparison as we are two different people with different lives, you should feel really proud of yourself for all that you have achieved and for doing what was best for you at the time. Well done to you and I hope that the house renovations go smoothly!
    Laura xx

    1. Awh thank you Laura, that is such a lovely comment! :)
      Everybody is very different and has a different perception of what it means to be successful or content. I feel like looking back over these three years I have definitely achieved a lot of things that make me happy :)
      Irma xo

  3. Very honest post !! Paper degrees and qualifications are not everything and success is each to it's own so here ya go, you are learning and experiencing everyday and you did the right thing for yourself coz you did it!!

    1. Thank you :) I have definitely done a lot! But people who have been to uni have gained something very valuable in a different way :)
      Irma xo


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