Sunday, 2 August 2015

Budget Beauty Review: Make Up Gallery

So last Sunday I had a look at Poundworld's make-up brand Miss Beauty London (you can see that here) and this week I am taking a look at Poundland's make-up brand Make Up Gallery.

Poundland won the 2015 Grocer Gold Awards Own-Label Range of the Year in June. This award was not specific to make-up but included Tesco's Free From range and Asda's George. This really implies a high standard when the Make Up Gallery has won against some well established own-label brands. 

There are over 100 products in the range, which has been praised by magazines such as Vogue as Cosmopolitan. The range was launched in October 2014 and obviously each item in the range retails for only £1.

Poundland have said that Make Up Gallery proves that "quality cosmetics do not need to be expensive." 

Foundation : Gorgeous Flawless Long Lasting Foundation with UVA/UVB filters Shade Ivory 1

What they say: Natural long lasting foundation with a flawless matte finish. Enriched with Vitamin E and UVA/UVB filters for added protection.

What I say: As I expected, even though I purchased the palest shade in the range, it is too orange for my skin tone. This disappointed me and my family commented that my face was a bizarre colour. This is definitely not what you want from a foundation but I still gave it a good go to see if it really was long lasting and matte as it claims. 

By the end of the day it was almost completely gone, so it definitely isn't long lasting. I would also have to say that it didn't stay matte, actually it just wasn't matte at all.

Concealer : Hide and Chic Concealer Natural Coverage Shade Ivory 1

What they say: Hides and conceals blemishes for a natural coverage.

What I say: For the sake of this test I have been using the same concealer both under my eyes and for blemishes. While they do not claim this is specifically for under the eyes I found that it gave quite a nice coverage but did crease very quickly because it was very creamy. The creamy texture was very nice because normally cheap stick concealers can tend to be very chalky.

By the end of the day the concealer had mostly disappeared along with the foundation. 

Powder : Smoothly Does It Pressed Powder Shade Translucent 1

What they say: Super soft matte powder for a shine free finish. Contains vitamin E.

What I say: The powder was very powdery... if that makes sense. It was okay, nothing much to say about it.

By the end of the day it was gone.

Blusher : Feeling Blush Shade Soft Blush 1

What they say: Super soft blush powder with Vitamin E.

What I say: I had quite high expectations for this blush because the colour looks gorgeous in person. There was very little colour pay off and really took a while to build. 

By the end of the day there was no evidence I had ever worn any blusher at all.

Mascara : Plump Up The Volume Waterproof Volumising Mascara in shade Carbon Black

What they say: Apply generously for plumped up lashes. 100% waterproof finish at a stroke. 

What I say: I don't normally use waterproof mascara and I only bought this one because they had run out of the other ones in the store I was in. The mascara itself was fine, I probably wouldn't buy it again but I will probably use it as a spare handbag mascara,

By the end of the day the mascara was probably the only thing left on my face that looked like I had even worn makeup that day. 

Bare face - no makeup at all.

Full face of make up done.

After 4 hours. Nothing much left, very shiney and quite patchy around the sides of my face. 

Overall impression: The products I tried were just not as good as I expected, especially after hearing great things. I will be trying out lipsticks and nail polishes from these budget brands once this series is finished so maybe I will have more luck with those. 

The packaging really impressed me though, it looks much nicer that you would expect for a £1 price tag and really reminded me of Maybeline's Fit Me range. 

Have you tried Make Up Gallery products?

Irma xo


  1. I didn't know Poundland even had their own makeup range. At the price it is worth experimenting with but I'd be cross at those results if I had paid much more than £1.00 a product.

    1. I am hoping that the lipsticks or nail polishes will be worth buying!
      Irma xo

  2. It's a shame that the foundation wasn't pale enough for you as if it was it could have been great at £1 with UVA and UVB protection too

    1. I find it very difficult to find any pale enough for me so I wasn't particularly surprised!
      Irma xo

  3. Loving this collection! You have such a pretty eyes!!

    1. Awh that's very kind of you! :)
      Irma xo


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