Thursday, 24 March 2016

February || I have

So this is a bit of a late one because despite all my talk of things I have been doing, I haven't been very organised!
  • I have continued to declutter my house.
  • I have brought seven bags full of clothing to the charity shop.
  • I have met our new nephew who was born on the 26th!
  • I have planned a walk-in wardrobe for the attic bedroom!
  • I have got my hair transformed (there is no other word for it!) and I wrote a post showing the transformation here if you would like to see it.
  • I have been eating totally gluten free. I might do a blog post about the reasons why at some stage.
  • I have been cooking more often (instead of relying on Andrew to always cook)
So, there you have it. A short list of things I have done in the month of February (gosh, doesn't that feel like ages ago). 

Irma xo 


  1. I did declutter and still have few drawers to go thought! Well done to making to charity! i was lazy, i put them on free cycle and people picked from my home ;p

  2. I totally understand... I'm trying to catch up with time too... there is so much to do and the months just disappear so quickly.
    I wish to have a very productive April, hun xx


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